Virgin Coconut Oil


Vigour Vita Coconut Oil has a high content of vitamins and minerals. It helps to maintain a healthy heart by sustaining normal cholesterol levels and even supports weight loss. The oil has a fresh aroma and when used in cooking gives the food a lovely colour, texture and a smell. It can also be consumed directly as a dietary supplement or mixed with food in its raw form. Our oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids and anti oxidants which helps improve metabolism and immunity. The oil is rich in vitamin E and hence can be used on the skin and also the hair.

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Vigour Vita Virgin Coconut Milk is produced using the cold pressed method so that all goodness of the product is retained unlike in the heating method of extracting the oil. The kernel of the coconut is used in this 100% natural product.

nutritional Info Per 100g
Energy 3761kJ / 899kcal
Fat 99.9g
of which saturates 95.1g
Carbohydrates 0g
of which sugars 0g
Protein 0g
Salt 0g
Organic Coconut White kernel

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

Coconut oil is commonly used in cooking, frying and baking. It can also be used as a moisturiser for dry skin, hair and lips.