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Vigour Vita Coconut milk comes from organically grown coconuts. The milk is made by pulsing the white kernel and extracting the milky liquid. This is a natural product without any artificial stabilisers or additives.

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100% Natural

Vigour Vita Coconut milk is free of any thickeners, additive and preservatives. This not only tastes great but also excellent for the health and it is as good as having fresh coconut milk straight out of the coconut. Please shake well before using as the fat and the water will be separated due to not having any additives.

nutritional Info Per 100g
Energy 680.3kJ / 162.6kcal
Fat 17.0g
of which saturates 14.8g
Carbohydrates 1.0g
of which sugars 0.2g
Protein 1.4g
Salt 28.2mg
Organic Coconut Kernel extract & Water

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Weight .400 kg

Ideal for curries and desserts. It can also be used as a drinking milk by diluting with water or fruit cocktails.